Batavia, NY, Family Photographer Quits!

Portrait Photographer

I'm tired.

This photography business is TOUGH!  It's a grind every. single. day!  

I started photography because I loved it, and because I wanted to have great photos for my kids to look back on one day.  Since starting, photography has been an uphill battle. This industry is loaded with SOOOOOO many amazingly talented people that it's easy to doubt yourself. I am in constant wonder what do I need to do to stand out from the crowd? I am starting to lose my why. Why I started photography in the first place. I seldom grab my camera to document a moment these days, rather, to market it, or to find away to make the image relate-able to my fan base.   It's no longer fun; it's work!  Now, don't get me wrong, I never thought this was going to be easy, and I definitely knew that work is work no matter the field, but if you get to choose what you want to do, you should enjoy it. 

This passion and business will always be here, my family will as well, but they're in a constant state of change. My kids will NEVER be this little again, and it's time to savor it; savor their youth; savor their innocence.   It's time to throw up the white flag, and step down; for my family. 

So if you're reading this, thank you! Thank you for your support. Thank you for your commitment. And most of all, thank you for making it all the way to the end because here you will find out that today's April 1st, and you know what that means......

I LOVE the hell out of this business, and my kids get plenty of mom time, and if any of you know me, you know that I document everything! What I stated above about my kids is absolutely true, and they will never be this little again, so that is my why and I will never lose that.

-Happy April Fools Day!-

Batavia, N.Y. Photographer | Metzler Family

Look at this adorable family. I mean, come on! Momma is due any day now, and look how fantastic she looks.

Family Photographer

This session did not start off on the right foot. This family brought their pup, Charlie. He is a Border Collie, and oh so sweet! We did their photos at Genesee County Park, which is not too far from Batavia, N.Y. As we were walking to my desired spot to get started, a man pulls in yelling out his window, "LEASH UP THAT DOG!" Mind you, this pup sits and stays on command. Perfect little listener.  Better than my children if we want to get real here.  Mom and Dad go ahead and leash him up.  I leaned into dad and quietly mention (tension breaker if you will) "I'm sure he's saying that because he has some crazy dogs, and he knows his are the real trouble makers here."  Low and behold, out jumps 2 pups just as crazy as their owner! Barking, pulling on the leashes, ready to rain on someones parade. That someone, is us.  The gentleman apologizes (for his tiny wild beasts) and moves along. We then get started. We're grabbing some shots, playing in the snow, being silly, and just when we thought we've rid ourselves of this man, along he comes to thank mom and dad for leashing up their pup (at this point Charlie's been unleashed again, oops.)   But we entertain the man anyways. Mom and dad accept his thank you, all the while, mom, dad and little Cora are all posed and ready to go. Can you say, awkwaaaaaard. Unfortunately we just can't get this man to GO AWAY!  Finally we do, but holy cow, this day definitely reminded me why I'd prefer to steer clear of heavily trafficked locations. It was a beautiful day (thus the busy day at the park), but not so much that we could just spend hours frolicking outside with a toddler.  I'm so glad that mom and dad were such great sports about the whole thing, and that little Cora really enjoyed playing with my bag of fake snow because we might not have gotten so many adorable shots. Well, you'll see if you continue to scroll down.

To give you an example of how patient these two really are, I must tell you that mom and dad don't know what this little bean will be. They know the baby is a human (that's what dad says), but what do you think? Will Cora get a brother, or a sister?

Western NY Family Photographer | How do I choose what photos are keepers?

I take being a family portrait photographer very seriously. Before EVERY session I get knots in my stomach, my heart begins to palpitate, my face gets really warm, and I start to sweat a little (in case you ever wondered why I smell, well here you have it). These memories are not to be taken lightly, we never know what the future holds for us and everything could change overnight. It's my job to capture the now. So with that being said, how do I choose which photos are keepers?

This photo is a really great example of that.  I first choose as a mom. I think to myself "is this a photo I would love and cherish of my family, baby, child(ren)?" and I second choose as a photographer, "technically speaking, is this a photo lit well, in focus, and does everyone look genuine?"

When I look at this image I re-live this exact moment! This family's sweet little baby was not really into having photos done prior to this moment and so I sent her off to dad to play for a little while. I grabbed some shots of just mom and her son. I then asked dad to bring the baby over to try again (she appeared ready), but I didn't just ask him to bring her over, I asked him to fly her in like an airplane and that he did.

I debated keeping this image simply because it was suppose to be a photo of mom and her 2 kids, but when I look at this, I see a story, I see happiness, I see family, and most importantly I see LOVE!

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Western NY family photographer

Western NY Lifestyle Photographer|Why I LOVE it!

My heart is so full just looking at these images. This family is just perfect! I was greeted immediately by mom and her 2 small children; smiles from cheek to cheek.  This is not always the case when I do on-location shooting. Little ones can typically be a little reserved and shy, but not on this day!  That is one of the benefits to doing a lifestyle session. The kids start out way more relaxed.  Another benefit now that we are starting to roll into the colder months here in Western NY, is that we get to stay nice and cozy inside.  Dad was even prepping a nice toasty fire.  

I don't really need to speak more about why I love being a Western NY lifestyle photographer because I feel these image will do that for me. Scroll down and have a look.

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Western NY Lifestyle photographer

Today I am headed out to a lifestyle session.  The thing I LOVE about being a Western NY lifestyle photographer is getting to capture a family in the place they spend a lot of their time together.  Where they have had many laughs, many tears, many family meals, and many adventures.  I get to bundle all of that up and showcase them in photographs. Photographs they'll look back on and remember that couch that had the stain on the underside of the cushion from the time they shared sundaes as a family.  The kitchen they prepared holiday meals together in.  The bed they shed tears together in and most important; the rooms they brought their brand new babies home to.

When I look at photographs from when I was a child, I don't just look at the people in them, I look at everything else too! Why you wonder?  The objects in the photo typically flood me with memories and I love that! I feel as though I am re-living that moment all over again.

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Western NY photographer raises money, but for who?

On Novemeber 1st I made the announcement that I would be teaming up again with Amy from Amy's Fluffy Friends here in Batavia, NY. Last year we agreed to donate the proceeds to All Babies Cherished.

This year I wanted to donate to another cause, but was still on the fence.  I took to a local mom's group for suggestions.  All the ladies provided me with fantastic charities; I just had to choose one.  That's tough! How do I decide who needs the money more? A few days past and I had made my decision, until I got a phone call that morning.  This phone call was not one that I was expecting, but I knew in that moment I wanted to help.  I will not go into much detail as it is too soon, but for those of you who know Amy, know that she could use this right now!

So with that being said, the proceeds for this event will be going to Amy, owner of Amy's Fluffy Friends.  If you don't want to have your photos done, that's fine, I will be taking donations in addition to the event. 

We hope to see you there during Christmas in the City, on December 2nd, from 5-9 at 238 Ellicott St. Batavia, NY.

Western NY Family photographer