Batavia, N.Y. Photographer | Metzler Family

Look at this adorable family. I mean, come on! Momma is due any day now, and look how fantastic she looks.

Family Photographer

This session did not start off on the right foot. This family brought their pup, Charlie. He is a Border Collie, and oh so sweet! We did their photos at Genesee County Park, which is not too far from Batavia, N.Y. As we were walking to my desired spot to get started, a man pulls in yelling out his window, "LEASH UP THAT DOG!" Mind you, this pup sits and stays on command. Perfect little listener.  Better than my children if we want to get real here.  Mom and Dad go ahead and leash him up.  I leaned into dad and quietly mention (tension breaker if you will) "I'm sure he's saying that because he has some crazy dogs, and he knows his are the real trouble makers here."  Low and behold, out jumps 2 pups just as crazy as their owner! Barking, pulling on the leashes, ready to rain on someones parade. That someone, is us.  The gentleman apologizes (for his tiny wild beasts) and moves along. We then get started. We're grabbing some shots, playing in the snow, being silly, and just when we thought we've rid ourselves of this man, along he comes to thank mom and dad for leashing up their pup (at this point Charlie's been unleashed again, oops.)   But we entertain the man anyways. Mom and dad accept his thank you, all the while, mom, dad and little Cora are all posed and ready to go. Can you say, awkwaaaaaard. Unfortunately we just can't get this man to GO AWAY!  Finally we do, but holy cow, this day definitely reminded me why I'd prefer to steer clear of heavily trafficked locations. It was a beautiful day (thus the busy day at the park), but not so much that we could just spend hours frolicking outside with a toddler.  I'm so glad that mom and dad were such great sports about the whole thing, and that little Cora really enjoyed playing with my bag of fake snow because we might not have gotten so many adorable shots. Well, you'll see if you continue to scroll down.

To give you an example of how patient these two really are, I must tell you that mom and dad don't know what this little bean will be. They know the baby is a human (that's what dad says), but what do you think? Will Cora get a brother, or a sister?