Western NY photographer raises money, but for who?

On Novemeber 1st I made the announcement that I would be teaming up again with Amy from Amy's Fluffy Friends here in Batavia, NY. Last year we agreed to donate the proceeds to All Babies Cherished.

This year I wanted to donate to another cause, but was still on the fence.  I took to a local mom's group for suggestions.  All the ladies provided me with fantastic charities; I just had to choose one.  That's tough! How do I decide who needs the money more? A few days past and I had made my decision, until I got a phone call that morning.  This phone call was not one that I was expecting, but I knew in that moment I wanted to help.  I will not go into much detail as it is too soon, but for those of you who know Amy, know that she could use this right now!

So with that being said, the proceeds for this event will be going to Amy, owner of Amy's Fluffy Friends.  If you don't want to have your photos done, that's fine, I will be taking donations in addition to the event. 

We hope to see you there during Christmas in the City, on December 2nd, from 5-9 at 238 Ellicott St. Batavia, NY.

Western NY Family photographer