Western NY Family Photographer | How do I choose what photos are keepers?

I take being a family portrait photographer very seriously. Before EVERY session I get knots in my stomach, my heart begins to palpitate, my face gets really warm, and I start to sweat a little (in case you ever wondered why I smell, well here you have it). These memories are not to be taken lightly, we never know what the future holds for us and everything could change overnight. It's my job to capture the now. So with that being said, how do I choose which photos are keepers?

This photo is a really great example of that.  I first choose as a mom. I think to myself "is this a photo I would love and cherish of my family, baby, child(ren)?" and I second choose as a photographer, "technically speaking, is this a photo lit well, in focus, and does everyone look genuine?"

When I look at this image I re-live this exact moment! This family's sweet little baby was not really into having photos done prior to this moment and so I sent her off to dad to play for a little while. I grabbed some shots of just mom and her son. I then asked dad to bring the baby over to try again (she appeared ready), but I didn't just ask him to bring her over, I asked him to fly her in like an airplane and that he did.

I debated keeping this image simply because it was suppose to be a photo of mom and her 2 kids, but when I look at this, I see a story, I see happiness, I see family, and most importantly I see LOVE!

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