7 Tips for Photographing your kids {Murfreesboro Children's Photographer}

Murfreesboro TN Children's Photographer offering up advice for the moms and dads out there.  I try so to post encouraging words for the parents out there, it is so important for you as a parent to embrace your kids childhood.  It's going to all be gone one day and faster than you want it to be.   I remember as a child my mom had one of those bags that a quilt comes in full of 4x6 photos, they weren't all professional photos, but I LOVED looking through them.  I didn't care who took the photo or what kind of camera they used, just the memory that came along with them.  Your kids won't care either, whether you have a $2000 camera or $200 camera, capture those moments.  Just because the camera costs more does not mean the output will be better than the cheaper one unless that person truly knows how to use it.  

Tips for mom and dad:

-Get down to their level

-Just because they are not looking doesn't mean it's not photoworthy.

-Capture the moment as it happens not as you want it to be.

-Don't face your kid directly into the sun (no more squinty eyes).

-Put them in some open shade (just because it's more light does not mean it is good light).

-Be patient (any photographer will tell you their hardest client is their own kids).

-Your little ones rarely pose so don't even bother.

You are going to look back at these snapshots just as frequent as those professional photos; they are equally important.

If you have any questions regarding taking snapshots of you kids please feel free to contact you Murfreesboro children's photographer.  Have fun capturing life.

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