Cerebral Palsy one day late {Murfreesboro TN}

Yesterday was CP Day and unfortunately I missed my opportunity to wear green so I am reposting an image from the last CP Day.

CP Day in Murfreesboro TN

This little girl is very special to me even though I rarely get to see her.  She is so young, but such an inspiration to me already.  Her mommy is probably the strongest woman I know.  This little lady is only 1 years old and in her 1st year of life has already been faced with so many struggles. Not only will it be difficult for her to live her day to day life, but society does not always have the best response to those with handicaps, but what this girl lacks in her ability to stand and difficulty talking she gains in her beautiful heart and strong family.  I watched as all of her biggest fans shared images with them wearing green for her, it was truly magical to watch all of her fans shine through.  

I may have missed my opportunity to share my green image on CP Day, but I will always be her biggest fan no matter what color I am wearing.