The MOST important ? for your photographer

Any good photographer knows how important lighting and composition is in a photograph, but more importantly they know even if the light and location is perfect if the emotion is not there then a great photo is non existent.  If you are having your family photographed don't forget to ask your photographer why they are so passionate about portrait photography, if their response has anything to do with them (I just love photography and photographing people) please do not choose them to photograph your life.  

So what answer are you looking for?  

The photographer you hire should be more concerned about capturing memories of your family, how to archive your images in the best way possible, they should be excited about the little in between shots that no one expects because they know that is genuine emotion.  Your photographer should care about YOU!!!

This image was taken because my son was laying on the couch playing with his balloon and it was just too darn cute not to capture.  It's not perfect by any means, but for me and something I will pass on to him as he grows it's pure perfection.  

Murfreesboro Children's Photographer