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McLaughlin Family

This is Amy and her son. Amy is a devoted client, but more importantly, a friend.  I was so excited to offer these mommy and me sessions.  I originally didn't want to follow the 'trend' of mommy and me sessions, but as I was assembling my family album from all the photos we took in the year 2016, I noticed something. I was in very few images. NOT GOOD!  This then solidified the importance of having portraits done of just mom and her children.  Sure, when I do family sessions I take photos of just mom and her children, but how often do you usually update your family photos? Generally speaking, once a year if you remember to schedule a session with your photographer.  Typically families rely on snapshots from holidays, family gatherings, and birthdays to keep their growing families documented. Think about it, though. Who's usually missing from most of those images? MOM! It's not that she's not there. It's that she's playing photographer and by the time she realizes she would like an image with her in it, the children are pretty much done and ready to move on.

Amy understood my purpose and once she found out I was offering these sessions, she was on board 100%! Amy has shared her trials and tribulations of motherhood, as well as, her victories and accomplishments. She not only works hard in her business and community, she is devoted to this little boy of hers and would jump through fire just to see him smile.  Currently Amy and her husband are trying to grow their family and have had some really trying times in the process.  As a friend, it's really hard to watch the roller coaster of emotions that she is dealing with, but to see her face light up when things are going great, is a really fantastic experience; she's like a little kid on Christmas morning.  

I am so glad Amy decided to take some time for herself and her son to come out and document their love for one another with me as a photographer in Batavia, N.Y. She loves this little boy with all her heart and you can see that he is pretty smitten with her, too! Have a look at a few of the images that mom hand selected to share and display in their home.  I threw in a couple of my favorite as well. 

Baltz Family | Batavia Children's Photographers

Meet the Baltz Family

Mom contacted me about having her family photographed and mentioned that she had not had any professional photos done since her oldest was 7; he is now 16.  Of course as a family photographer I was sad, but as a mom, I understood.  Life happens, and as your children get older they are more active in sports and extra curricular activities that just surviving the day is a victory in itself.  Upon mom's inquiry I investigated a little further about her children; names, ages, etc. When she mentioned that she had teenagers I was nervous.  A majority of the families I work with have younger children usually ranging from newborn to about 10.  I was nervous because teenagers, generally speaking, 'have it all figured out'.  They don't usually enjoy being photographed, and when I say they I mean boys, and they DEFINITELY don't like to be photographed with their siblings, and even more-so........{gasp} TOUCHING! 

These kids were the exception to the rule. They seemed to really enjoy each others company and totally went with anything I asked them to do.  Mom was so very awesome during the whole process and you could definitely see how much she loves her children.  She was so kind to them and had fun cracking silly jokes with them. You could tell that they have a wonderful bond. 

Mom drove all the way out from Henrietta, N.Y. to have these portraits done with me; a photographer in Batavia, N.Y. and I am so grateful that she trusted me to capture some really genuine and beautiful portraits of her children.  Have a look at a few of the images she hand selected to share and display in her home. { personal fave is the last one.}

The Baltz Family

Mager Family | Batavia Family Photographers

Check out the Mager Family!

They couldn't be any cuter!  Mom contacted me awhile back for photos and since this weather has been everything but cooperative it took awhile to complete their session.  Needless to say after nearly 3 months since her inquiry, 3 (or maybe 4) reschedules, we finally meet!  Their 2 little girls were ready to go straight away and oh how fun they are. The oldest was a little reserved, sweet and quite, but had just the right amount of spunk to keep up with her wild and crazy little sister.  It's amazing how multiple children from the same parents could have polar opposite personalities, but they do.  I have 3 of my own and the 2 oldest couldn't be any more different.  

Mom hand selected their dresses from the beloved dress boutique here in Batavia, N.Y. Pollyanna & Dot.  I love how simple and timeless these dresses are and they can be "dressed up" with nearly any accessory. Mom chose to pair them up with a simple white cardigan and cute ballet flats.  

At the end of their session they wanted to add one more family member, and boy did she spice it up a bit.  Dad was my designated wrangler if you will. He did great! Have a look at a few of their images from their session below. 

Pollyanna & Dot | Batavia Baby Photographers

Batavia, N.Y. Woman's and Baby Clothing Boutique 

O. M. G!! You guys, look at this adorable baby outfit I just picked up at Pollyanna & Dot here in Batavia, N.Y. 

Pollyanna & Dot is known for their beautiful "fit and flare" style dresses for woman, but let's not forget that they also carry some super cute baby clothes!  Also, another plus, if you cloth diaper like we do, a lot of the clothes she carries are cloth diaper friendly! The owner, Ashley Bateman, is also a fellow fluff mom, too!

This little blue and red, Under the Sea Dungaree is by Little Green Radicals, and made from 100% organic, fair trade cotton. Much of their baby clothing is made up of fun, unique patterns and vibrant colors, which I LOVE! Being a mom of ONLY BOYS, it's hard to find something unique for them. We're usually limited to solids, stripes, or plaid. All of which are fine, but not fun in my opinion.

This baby outfit buttons at the legs for easy diaper changes. It's great for summer, but can also work for colder months if you throw a onesie underneath and where like overalls. I know my son will be wearing this often.  As a photographer in Batavia, N.Y. I of course had to go out and grab some photos of him right away! I have an impatient personality when it comes to this sort of stuff. 

Grab yours before they're gone! P.s. If you have a little girl, she also has some REALLY adorable floral rompers, too! 

Photographer in Batavia NY
Photographer in Batavia NY
Photographer in Batavia NY
Photographer in Batavia NY
Photographer in Batavia NY
Photographer in Batavia NY

Ranlett Family | Batavia Family Photographers

Meet The Ranlett Family

I had the pleasure of photographing the Ranlett Family, and I am so excited to share a few images they chose from their gallery.  Mom did a great job picking out their wardrobe for their family portrait session. I mean, it's  not really hard when you have such a beautiful family to begin with. Am I right!?  Their little girl is the same age as my son and her personality is totally opposite of his. My son would've given the photographer a scowl for probably the entire session......not her! She was so happy to be there and gave me so many smiles. She was non-stop hi's from the moment I met her. Mom and dad did a great job wrangling her to get some really gorgeous family photos.

I would like to also give a shout out to dad for such a selfless act. He just got his hair cut just prior to their session. He grew it out and donated it. It took him 2 YEARS! His haircut was done at Jagged Edges Salon here in Batavia, N.Y. My son is doing the same thing and once I heard dad had done this, I decided to share his story with my son.  My son is 9 years old and sometimes worries that he'll be made fun of if he has long hair. Showing him that other "boys" are doing it, gives him a little more motivation to push forward with his goals. Thanks dad for being the motivation that my son needed.

Scroll down to see a few of their family photos. *Disclaimer* The last image I posted just because. It's totally out of focus, but dad tossed baby up in the air so high that mom, myself, and baby were terrified. Meanwhile, dad was totally having fun. You can see it in her face. I re-live that moment every time I look at the photo, hahaha!

Photographer in Batavia NY
Photographer in Batavia NY
Photographer in Batavia NY
Photographer in Batavia NY
Photographer in Batavia NY