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Meet the Baltz Family

Mom contacted me about having her family photographed and mentioned that she had not had any professional photos done since her oldest was 7; he is now 16.  Of course as a family photographer I was sad, but as a mom, I understood.  Life happens, and as your children get older they are more active in sports and extra curricular activities that just surviving the day is a victory in itself.  Upon mom's inquiry I investigated a little further about her children; names, ages, etc. When she mentioned that she had teenagers I was nervous.  A majority of the families I work with have younger children usually ranging from newborn to about 10.  I was nervous because teenagers, generally speaking, 'have it all figured out'.  They don't usually enjoy being photographed, and when I say they I mean boys, and they DEFINITELY don't like to be photographed with their siblings, and even more-so........{gasp} TOUCHING! 

These kids were the exception to the rule. They seemed to really enjoy each others company and totally went with anything I asked them to do.  Mom was so very awesome during the whole process and you could definitely see how much she loves her children.  She was so kind to them and had fun cracking silly jokes with them. You could tell that they have a wonderful bond. 

Mom drove all the way out from Henrietta, N.Y. to have these portraits done with me; a photographer in Batavia, N.Y. and I am so grateful that she trusted me to capture some really genuine and beautiful portraits of her children.  Have a look at a few of the images she hand selected to share and display in her home. { personal fave is the last one.}

The Baltz Family