Film or Digital???

As digital continues to improve the quality of film over digital is hardly a debate any longer.  I love digital in that I can see if I got the shot especially with kids, did they blink, were they smiling, did you get that shot in between shots?? But film really offers that element of surprise, it really forces you to hone in on your knowledge of photography and really be very accurate on knowing your light. 

Digital photography may seem like it has taken over the industry, but film will never die. Any serious photographer that shoots digital will forever appreciate film, I know I do. They will pat any photographer on the back that will shoot an entire session on film and even better, a wedding on film.  That is truly something amazing and something I plan to work toward in the future.

What are your thoughts on Film vs Digital?? 


This image was done with the 50 flip trick, notice it needs to be cleaned hahaha.

Murfreesboro Photographer