Adventures from Tennessee to NY

When traveling it always feels like an adventure, even with all the stress and chaos involved I love every minute of it.  I love the airports, I love the coffee, I love the restaurants, and I love being in the world of others that travel as well. 

This summer we were traveling home to visit our family for the 4th of July and an early birthday party for our son, we fly Nashville to LaGuardia airport in NYC, me with stroller, purse, backpack and my 5 year old attached to the stroller handle.  We are trying to find our way through the airport and there is a woman walking alone with a hat and maybe a bag or two and that moment comes along where in your head you think is she going to move or do I move, I'm watching her body language closely to see what my next move is and as I get ready to maneuver my giant load she also decided to shift as well, yet again another moment of awkwardness occurs and we choose the same direction and I almost run her over or her me, no need to play the blame game lol.  My husband takes a quick glance and says "I think that was Susan Sarandon"  Of course my immediate thought was NO WAY.  That would never happen to me, we find our terminal and we are sitting and waiting and low and behold along comes this lady, she takes her seat.  We then all board the plane, her as well and we fly into the Buffalo airport, I quick grab the kids and scurry off to the bathroom. I return to my husband only to find out it was in fact Susan Sarandon and she was surrounded by fans asking for her autograph and she was on her way to Niagara Falls to shoot a film.  So how's that for a story, of course my husband always makes it out to be that I almost ran her over at the airport, apparently it's all on me, she's famous of course it would be my fault lol.  

Be safe on your holiday travels wherever you may end up, remember all the adventures that come with it.


Murfreesboro Photographer