Emoji Birthday Party | Rochester, NY Event Photographer

As a Mom who enjoys throwing parties for my children (minus the chaos of it all), I have mixed emotions about having my camera in hand during said party.

Obviously I LOVE documenting the day! I love capturing all the little details and the moments in between. All the hugs from family members as they wish our little one a happy birthday. The look of amazement (or embarrassment) as we sing happy birthday to them just before they pucker those lips, close their eyes to make a wish, and finally, blow out their birthday candles. The pure joy in their face as they open their gifts and fly off their seat and hug their new toy that they've been "dying" to have. I love it all! I get to look back at these photos and remember exactly how old they were on that day, what they looked like during that age, and all the fun they had celebrating with their friends and family. 

Here's the part I hate, and yes I'm aware that hate is a very strong word to use, but it's the right word given what I'm about to tell you. I HATE looking back at all of those photos and the only thing that "proves" I was there are the photos I took. I'm not in ANY of them! My children will know that those photos exist because I took them, but not only was I not in them, I was too busy making sure I documented it all for them, I didn't get to fully enjoy the party myself. I didn't get to really celebrate my child that day. I was "working". 

Because of this "revelation" I decided it was time to offer a service to all of the parents out there "working" during their child's celebration. This is all still in the works, but I've been working along side Ashley Gray, event planner at Kaleidoscope Events in Rochester, NY., to document some really special parties; even baby showers! Working with her allows me to build a portfolio for you to see how I photograph these types of events. In addition, understand the "work flow" if you will, of each type of event including the needs of each unique family. I have really enjoyed getting to see her event setups and the versatility she offers from one event to another. Currently I am only working events through Ashely so if you have an event coming up that you need planned, I highly recommend getting in touch with her for all your party planning needs. She is versed in baby showers, birthdays, and even weddings! Take a look below at this awesome emoji party she put together for these brothers. I think she did an amazing job! 

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