Happy Birthday Baby C | Batavia, NY Family Photographer

Baby C is ONE

I had the opportunity to document this little guy turning 1. What an honor! As a Mom who is in many Mom groups on social media, I often see parents ask if they should "make a big deal" about their little one's birthday. Especially ages ranging from 1-3. The typical response is "nah, they'll never remember it, or why waste the money, they don't care." 

Maybe I'm the odd one out but I disagree! We should be so lucky to live in a country and time period where our children have health care and clean drinking water (among other things) to thrive well into adulthood. In the 1800's the global average child mortality age was 43.3%. To put that in perspective, roughly every 2nd child died before the age of 5. Could you imagine?! 

So I say YES, make a big deal of your child surviving another full year! I think people often assume a celebration means a party, and that's not the case. It doesn't matter how big or small the celebration is, all they need is something to really make them feel special on their day. The day they took their very 1st breath of air. The day you became a parent. The day you survived labor and delivery together. Maybe it's a party, a simple sleepover, a special dinner to celebrate them, or a photo session to document how much they've grown *wink, wink*. Whatever you do, remember that it's not "just" a birthday, it's a celebration that they've made it another year. 

Happy Birthday, baby C. One down, many more to go!