The NY Life {Batavia NY photographer}

It has been more than a month since our journey back to NY.  Getting back to family couldn't happen fast enough, we have waited nearly 10 years for this to happen.  We put our home on the market and were so very eager to get it sold so that we may start this new chapter in our life and while it felt like a lifetime, I look back now and it went by so fast.  We left behind our life with friends that are so dear to us and while we were gaining our family we were losing people that hold an equal part in our hearts.   Today I sit here relishing the time my kids get to bake cookies and prepare family dinners with their grandparents, run around playing with their cousins and getting to know their aunts and uncles; however there is a hole that life in TN used to fill.  We have since found a new home that we are eagerly awaiting to move into, enrolled our son into school, finding activities to partake in our local community, and just starting fresh.  We are still in "vacation" mode, you know, that feeling you have when you go home to visit your family a few times a year and you are immersed with family all around.  Every day feels like it should be a day off, but it's not.  The one thing that I have learned living away from family, especially starting a family, is that friends never go away, they are there just waiting for the next time you see each other.  

When we left TN the weather was in between 70's and 80's.  We are now in the month of November here in NY and we have already seen our 2nd snowfall (something you may never see in TN and if so, a handful of times).  We freeze day in and day out, but the temp is set to 72 or higher in the house, we definitely have some adjusting to do.  Our son has adjusted so well in school it's as if he was there from day 1. Our little one is savoring the time he gets to spend at home with mommy until hopefully he starts preschool in the Winter.  We have found that living in a small town, that extra activities for the kids is the best way to keep everyone social.  I love to see the kids just so happy and content with their new life, but this new life has not quite started yet.   

Batavia NY Photographer