Murfreesboro Children's Photographer attempts writing, EPIC FAIL!!!

I am drawing a blank..........I do this often as I am sure you do as well. How do I know that what I write about will spark an interest with my readers?  How do I know what you want to hear about?  My blog has a purpose for sure and that is a way to release my thoughts onto someone other than my husband (he rarely listens anyways).  Writing sometimes feels like a one way conversation, the comments come in but it's just not the same as a conversation with a real person.  Sometimes I find myself needing that other person to feed off of. You know what it feels like? That moment you sit in a car with another person (kids don't count, they only talk) and there is silence, nothing, nada.  I find myself having a conversation in my head.  This is what it sounds like; weather is always an obvious one, but I don't want to be that person who states the obvious (the suns out), that is a really nice top (oh great now they probably think I am checking them out).  Then the end of the conversation is about why do I need to talk they aren't saying anything either so maybe they don't want to talk and repeat!!!

My husband says to just keep writing, he promises it will get easier.  Google has held my hand through anything I need to know.   I wouldn't be where I am with my photography if it wasn't for search engines so why not do the same with writing.  Google search: how to blog successfully?  Write about something relatable, have blips of humor, let the purpose of your blog be obvious, be consistent, don't stop and the list goes on.  Even with all that research I still feel lost, do you ever feel that way?

p.s. this took me about 2 hrs to write and this is all I got hehe, oh well, here's to tomorrow.