Don't dwell on the negative, work toward the positives. {Murfreesboro Children's Photographer}

Yet again today I was trying to find something to write about, I looked to my life and community to see what was available and inspirational.  I was going to write about making lists and how if I write something down there is a better chance of completing it or feeling down about my business only for a Michael Jackson to come on the radio and boost my spirits again, about how music can really make or break anyones mood.  Then something happened, I was reading my facebook feed and saw that not only a fellow photog, but friend had been robbed.  This is twice in 9 months.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Earlier today I was slightly depressed about not being booked as much as I had hoped and just overall sad with my place as a business, I wish I could be as busy as them (other photogs in my area).  I wish I was more successful than I am, but the minute I saw this post and I read the feed to determine the full extent of the situation and by doing so I quickly found out that this person was robbed of all of the equipment it took for her to photograph the newborns, kids, and families.  I then read a little further and this was the comment that made my heart drop....."this might just cost me my business."  So quickly you might wonder, why? what about insurance?  well how about that lapse when you are switching and your first payment may or may not have made it.  This got me motivated, what is the first thing I can do to help?  I quickly messaged her offering up any equipment I have so that she can complete sessions she currently has and then gathered a few of the local photographers to do the same if they were willing and available to do so.  So with all that I wrote the lesson learned here for myself and others is don't kick someone when they are down.  This is a terrible way to lose a business and no one should have to deal with this, but it happens and this is another great example why it is a great idea to friend others that offer the same services as you.   Oh and did I mention she is also my families photographer and the one person I looked up to when learning about photography.

Photo credit: Christina Campbell at  Eternal Treasures Photography

Photo credit: Christina Campbell at Eternal Treasures Photography