Murfreesboro TN photographer stuck in the NY snow......

Currently stuck in NY due to crazy weather, so when life gives you lemons.  We are NY natives and our children born in TN so this is a rare occasion for our boys.  We have spent 2 awesome weeks with our family for Christmas one of which we were all sick.  Of course this is when the snow came and no one could go outside to play.  We finally all get better and the snow disappears, but we are in NY so of course it will come, right? The days came and went with no snow in sight, the morning arrives that we are suppose to journey back to TN and we awake to a winter wonderland, thus leaving us stuck in NY.  My oldest son was so excited, he said he had dreamed for all this snow.  Well sweet little one dreams do come true, or at least his did. 


His little feet and BIG snow pants, of course I couldn't resist but to capture it.  


and of course I had to pull out a selfie when I saw my reflection in this building.


These images below were not taken on the same day, but we did play in a little snow before embarking on another adventure.  This is something I want to carry on with my kids and hope they do the same with theirs.  My grandpa who is no longer with us, but has left some amazing memories behind would always eat ice cream, but I would ask him how he could eat ice cream during the winter?  He would walk to the local convenience store on cold, snowy, wintery days and have himself a cone.  He loved it, especially in the winter, but why?   His response was, because it doesn't melt as fast and then he would chuckle under his handle bar mustache that had bits of ice cream in it.  There are plenty of things that my grandfather did that I remember, but this one really takes the cake or ice cream in this case lol.