Why Your Batavia, N.Y. Family Photographer is so NOSEY!

Hilchey Family - Oakfield, N.Y. Family Portrait Session

Western NY Family Photographer

Many of times I get inquiries for sessions that look like this-

“Hi there! How much for a session?”

Listen! I’m not “Portrait Innovations” or “The Picture People”. One price does not fit all. There are many elements involved to decide what price your specific session would be. When you book with me you are booking a CUSTOM portrait experience. Now, what does that mean exactly?

Well, for starters I am not selling you this pose and that setup. I am creating images that are unique to you and your family. That includes, but is not limited to, clothing, location, “props”, desired images, etc…. You will find that when booking with me I ask A LOT of questions. Not just before booking but even during the planning process. Even more-so if I’ve never met you before. Every family has different needs and expectations for their session. That said, not everyone knows what to expect from a session. It is my job to educate you on what experience I offer and vice versa- to find out what experience you are looking for. I don’t do in-person, pre-consultations and so it is very important for me, and I hope my clients value this part of my service as well, that I learn as much about your family as I can so that I can capture genuine and unique images that tell your story. Simply put, it’s like commissioning an artist or even an interior designer. It’s important that you are specific about what you are looking for so that they can see your vision and produce the product.

This photo is a great example- Had mom never mentioned that her husband wanted a photo done at his fire department, I would have never thought to incorporate it into their session. As the daughter of a service woman (veteran/EMT), I know the impact that images like this can have. God forbid anything were to happen to him during a call they now have this photo to remember his dedication to the department and to the community.

So, if you book a family photo session with your Batavia, NY Family Photographer, aka- ME, please be extra transparent with your specific needs/wants. These images are special, but let’s make them a little extra special just for you!