Let's Talk TICKS {insert itching} | Batavia, N.Y. Family Photographer


As you all know I love me some unpolished foliage. Give me a field full of overgrown beautifulness and I am happy as a clam! Unfortunately, that also comes at a price. Winter is generally “off-season” for family photographers in Western, N.Y. simply because it just becomes too challenging to keep the little ones happy in the colder temps, so that means that everyone who is looking to update their family photos are typically having them done between the months of March and, at the latest, November. As you all know ticks are basically demons that live earth side and can cause some serious health issues. It is, as a mother and family photographer, incredibly important to me that I do everything in my power to protect the families who entrust me with the safety of their precious littles, and so I have decided to compile a list of things to do before and after your family photo session with your Batavia, N.Y. family photographer in attempts to prevent tick bites.


-Treat the clothing you will be wearing for your session with a repellant containing Permethrin. This product is typically good for up to 7 washes.

-(From the CDC website) Use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered insect repellentsExternal containing DEET, picaridin, IR3535, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE), para-menthane-diol (PMD), or 2-undecanone.

  • Do not use insect repellent on babies younger than 2 months old.

  • Do not use products containing OLE or PMD on children under 3 years old.


-Take a lint roller (sticky kind) and run in all over yourself and your child(ren).

-Change your clothing asap!

-While I do suggest a constant check during your session, it is incredibly important to do a full body check right after your session. This means both yourself and your child(ren). In addition to the main areas of your body, be sure to check under your arms, in your hair, private region, and belly button. I would also suggest showering up to 2 hours post session as to remove any unattached ticks and to run your body check.

Also note: The transmission of Lyme Disease only occurs if the tick has been attached for 36-48 hours, so it is paramount you do an immediate check to prevent the spread of Lyme disease.

Now that I am all itchy just thinking about this, I hope that this post offers some valuable information for you and your family before, during, and after your next outdoor family photo session.