Now available- B+W Mini Sessions | Batavia NY Family Photographer

An easy way to document every year of your child's life!

A friend of mine, who is also a photographer, had been talking about using my studio to take a few photos of her children for a wall display in her home. I was totally on board. I welcome every opportunity to hang out with like minded people. I crave "shop talk" often. What was funny about her vision is that I actually had the same idea for my wall at home but couldn't find a good place in my home to complete the "project". have a studio with a clean, white wall! It just didn't even dawn on me until she asked to borrow the space. It took me 3 separate attempts to get each child their own photograph but I completed my images in the following weeks. Now I await my prints......

So Why B+W Minis?

My goal with these portraits is to simply capture the individual personalities of each child. I wanted to keep them clean and simple so that I could really focus on who they are as a person. An image that would scream "I am________, and I like to_______, this year I_______." While gathering up all the "things" that are unique to each of my children I thought, I bet other families would love to have a portrait like this for their children, too. So after much consideration I decided that I wanted to open up mini sessions like this for YOU!  These portraits will only come in b+w. It's important that we keep them as simple and timeless as possible. In addition, something that will be cohesive year after year.  These sessions will be for children only. No group shots. The purpose for these minis is to offer you an easy way to update your child(s) portraits yearly and for your children to showcase their individuality. It's so common for families to hire a photographer for big events in their lives such as pregnancy, newborns, 1st year, and then again for senior portraits. Those middle ages typically get thrown to the wayside. Well, not anymore. Read on for session details.

Mini Session Details.

Date: July 21st starting @ 8:00 a.m.

Location: The Harvester Building (56 Harvester Ave, Batavia).

Investment Fee: $125 and

Includes: 15/20 minute session, 5 digital files, print release, and wardrobe consultation. 

**The first 5 families to book will receive an additional 3 digital files!**

Scroll to the bottom if you would like to hear more about my "why" for each of my children's portraits.


Meet Rylan

My oldest is in the "pre-teen" (age 10) stage where he is super opinionated, always has an attitude with a side of occasional kindness. He loves his jogger pants and cool t-shirts. He's growing his hair out to donate to Wigs for Kids, and this is his headband he wears to school and soccer. We purchased it at Headbands of Hope because it falls in line with his goal for his hair. For every headband purchased, a headband is donated to a child with cancer. Y'all, they have some really cute headbands, too!  I felt it was important to document all of this in his portrait. He's not dressed in a button down top with a bow tie because that's simply not who he is right now. Soon he will out grow his clothing, what's "in" will change, his hair will eventually be cut, and hopefully his grumpy "tude" will change (for the better, hopefully). 

Meet Kason

My middle son has always been super silly (He's "dabbing"). Those dimples are definitely his signature feature, that and his eyes. That one tooth he's missing was pulled because he had an extra adult tooth on that side. After 6+ months we're still waiting on it's pending arrival. His wardrobe is a total reflection of him at this stage in his life. Honestly, I should've found something less matchy because he's a 6 year old that likes to pick his own clothes out. He loves Black Panther, and you can see that on his hat. We actually picked it up right before his session because he graduated 1st grade on this day. The hat was his prize for doing such a great job this year and those light up shoes he's wearing were on high request when we were buying clothes at the beginning of the school year. So much so that he coincidentally "lost" his 1st new pair he picked out. This kid, while he has him moments, is so sweet, funny, snuggly, and kind. He is the only one of my children who will apologize to me without a request if he did something he wasn't supposed to. 

Meet Oliver

And then there's my youngest son. He doesn't care what he wears, actually. No opinions on it at all. I'm sure we're getting close to the stage where he will care but for now I'm going to continue to enjoy picking out what I like him to wear. He is definitely the 3rd child. He knows what he wants and will scream NOOOOOO until he gets it. Says thank you for everything. Not evening kidding you! He thanked himself one time for opening the door. Bahahaha! The only way I was able to get photos of him was if he could hold that star in his hands, and one of his favorite things right now (among other things) are "birdies". We actually made him a "birdie" cake for his 2nd birthday. Plus, to hear him say "birdie" is so darn cute, that and "I'm cute". So to get this shot I actually told him to look out the window to see if he could find any birdies. This little guy often makes me wonder why I want to have just one more, but then I get those sweet little "muggle" (snuggle) times and then I remember why. I just wish he would just slow down on growing up.