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Bohn Family Christmas

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Do you see that tree right there? That tree has a story to tell.

That tree saw my husband and me through our 1st Christmas in TN. Our apartment was just under 500 sq ft so an actual Christmas tree was just not going to work, but the apartment had a cute wood burning fireplace so that was a total perk! Plus, we were dirt poor so there were no plans of any big expensive gifts going under it anyways. Year after year, this little tree has been tucked into a storage bin and pulled out again, and each time it requires a little bit of love to get it looking presentable. The branches are always twisted and bent. The base has since been lost and broken. It even tips to one side a little, but I sort of like that. Not only was this our 1st tree, this tree was also there when all of our children had their first Christmas’ as well. This little tree has seen us through 5 moves, and one of those moves was a loooooong 13 hour trip from TN to NY. But you know what is so great about this tree? It stands tall every Christmas ready to take on the season. I have never changed the lightbulbs, nor have they given me a hard time to shine oh so bright!

You might wonder why I decided to tell you about our little tree that (I think) we paid $15 dollars for 10+ years ago? Well, I was pulling all the Christmas decorations out of the basement just like years prior. First, I pull everything out of the box and start to plan my decor for the new season. It typically starts out as organized chaos (or so I’d like to think). Then I begin to get a plan together, and I move things around about 40 times until it feels right. I step back to take a look, and usually by this point I’m moving furniture around because why not?!

Well, this year I did just that! I finally got everything situated in my living room and now it was time to work on the staircase. I knew my little tree would go in this spot just as it does every year. I went to my bins and pulled out the bag in which this tree was stored in. It was still decorated from last year which never happens, but last year was not the same as years prior. Actually, this tree had another job to do last year. This tree did not spend it’s season in my hallway last year. Actually, this tree spent 2017 Christmas in the Genesee County Nursing Home. My mother-in-law fell ill in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We weren’t actually sure if she would even pull through. We knew that she would need a miracle. I missed seeing her buzz around the kitchen baking cookies and prepping for their annual Christmas Eve Party. Waking up and opening gifts together. Listening to my in-laws bicker at each other while they prepped Christmas dinner. I just knew we had to find a way to bring Christmas to her! My husband was on his way to go and visit her when I decided to pluck the tree from its station, I bagged it up, and sent it with him to place it near her bedside. The next day I had the opportunity to go and visit her. I walked into the dark, sad room. Unaware of what I was going to experience, and while my mother-in-law was incapacitated, that tree stood tall and filled the room with it’s warm glow. The days and weeks went by and everyday she became stronger and more alert. The staff was baffled by her recovery! She eventually was well enough to return home to finish up her healing.

Fast forward to one year later {12/18}- I pulled this tree out just as I did years past, but this year this tree holds a new meaning for me; hope! It honestly didn’t even dawn on me until I started to dress the tree. It started out in a box sitting on a shelf somewhere with no story and no life. Just a price tag and hope that it would go home with someone that holiday season. I love to see things go full circle. What’s even more crazy…..this little boy celebrated his 2nd birthday in that very nursing home room with that little tree.

It’s things like these that get me excited to photograph families! Every family has their own story. Their own experiences. Do you have any holiday decor that has a special meaning? If so, I’d love to hear. Share your stories in the comments. I can’t wait to read about them!