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You can NEVER have enough family photos!

I have about 9584445446464675664646413117 x 500,000, photos, but I still don't think that's enough. 

This is a photo that my mom requests every other Christmas. One where most of the family (yep, that's not all of them) gathers to share love, laughter, and of course FOOD! The reason I'm sharing this, is because this is the very last photo I have of my grandmother before she passed away yesterday morning. It was so unexpected and sudden. She is the one sitting on the couch all the way to the right.  I am mad because this was Christmas day 2016.  It is now April, and THIS is the last photo I have of her! That's why that number above is still not enough.

I spent quite a bit of time as a child running back and forth between my aunt/uncle's house and grandma/grandpa's house. I don't remember a ton, but the one thing I do remember is that SHE is why I know of Bob Ross.  I don't recall a time when visiting her, that I didn't hear something about a happy little tree or chh, chh, chh faintly in the background.  I don't recall my grandma yelling (loudly anyways) often. Maybe Bob Ross had something to do with that. His show was so calming. I guess Grandma and Bob Ross can paint together now wherever they are. Happy little trees, clouds, streams, water falls and whatever else their hearts desire. You will be missed, Grandma. Looking at this photo, and you sitting there, so healthy and happy, I just can't believe you won't be there next year. 

Rest in peace Grandma. 

And just when you think you've clicked that shutter one too many times, click it again!

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