A BIG change for this little nugget!

This weekend I photographed so many beautiful babies and children.  I always leave each session knowing that those photos will be forever cherished. They all have a story to share, whether it's big or small. Maybe they just turned a new age, lost a tooth, or just started school, but those stories are not like this one!

This little guy challenged me from the second I met him. He cried, he fussed, he only wanted mom and dad. That's typically not an issue, but the problem was, this was not a family session.  This was a session just for him! A session to highlight what once was and will be forever changed.  You see, in one weeks time this little nugget will be going in for open heart surgery.  His condition is totally fixable, BUT STILL! He's so little and yet has to do something many adults don't ever face in their lifetime.

I had so many ideas for this little guy in terms of props, outfit ideas, "poses", but at the end of it all, THIS is my favorite image of him. No, he's not smiling, he's not in some super adorable outfit, or an amazing vintage prop (unless you count dad), but THIS photo I feel, signifies the change he will take on. THIS is all about him!  Everything stripped down to just focus on him. His hand just slightly near the location that will never look the same. The look on his face reads bravery and calmness.  THIS is the photo I didn't plan for, but was meant to be.

Mom and dad don't know it yet, but I am releasing the cats from the bag.  I have already planned to have this little nugget back in hopes to re-create this shot with his new chest.  That is my gift to you, mom and dad. You are brave; you are special, and NO PARENT should EVER have to go through this! I only met you once, but I know you are strong, you are patient, you are kind, and so I know you will make it through.