Spotlight: Age 6


Challenging yourself is important, you will never advance if you don't try new things.  As a photographer I have chosen to challenge myself in learning new ways to light my subjects to make for a more dramatic outcome.  Lighting plays a huge role when photographing anything, more than you might know.  The light a photographer chooses to use plays a huge role in their signature style.  This challenge is called Spotlight: 0-100, I chose to highlight ages 0-100 to acknowledge that no matter the age, everyone has a purpose.  Technically this has a double challenge for myself because I don't photograph all ages, I specialize in capturing childhood.  This image above is my 6 year old son, he literally just turned 6  within a few days of taking this photograph.  He was laying in my bed on the ipad, I immediately turned off all the lights and this image is lit solely from the light of the ipad, he is whispering something to my younger son who cannot be seen in the image because he was not being directly lit like my 6 year old.  I took a few images but this one really spoke to me because he tends to tell quite a few secrets to his brother.  


If your are interested in seeing the other images that I have so far taken for this challenge you can see them here and here.  I encourage you to try something to challenge yourself.  It doesn't have to be photography related, anything in your life that you have always dreamed to do, but have feared the outcome due to lack of confidence.