Winter storms 2014 {Murfreesboro TN Photographer}

 As many of my friends and family know we left December 20th to be with our family for the Holidays.  Our flight was scheduled to leave out of Cleveland on Thursday January 2nd.  We were going to drive from Buffalo NY to the Cleveland airport in an effort to save money.  Due to severe winter weather we were banned from traveling thus missing our flight back to Nashville.  Our flight was then rescheduled to leave today January 6th, we planned ahead this time, we booked a hotel and decided to leave a day early.  We had brunch with family and were on our way to pick up our car rental and the airport contacted us canceling our flight yet again.  Here is a little bit of a preview of the weather we are experiencing and a perfect reason to cancel our flight.  There is a traffic light about 1/4 mile up the road which you can typically see from the porch. The snow is blowing like crazy, windchill -25, I didn't want to venture to far out into the chaos and so this image will have to do. I feel like I had to post this because all my TN friends probably think we are just trying to extend our vacation time haha.  As I am writing this I can hear the wind blowing like crazy. My in-laws house is so old I bet the windows are original to the house, every time a gust a wind comes the windows shake and a draft follows.  Hope everyone stays safe and warm, we shall return when the universe allows us.