Photographers Unite!!! {In Murfreesboro TN}

I have been very busy lately and trying to keep this a secret has been the hardest part of the whole thing.  I am proud to be a part of such a giving photography community.  I have seen so many photographers step up to help each other out, a perfect example is last year when wedding photographer Marvell "Vell" Smith was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident, you can see his story here.  Something happened in the photography community that just blew me a way. Given the abrupt nature of his death the weddings he had booked prior would be without a photographer, but I watched so many photographers step up to the plate to help complete the remaining weddings he had booked for the year.  

Or when Amazing Abby found out she had terminal cancer, the photography community followed her story, heard her words of wisdom, and prayed for her during her battle.  You can find her story here.

It is our turn to give back to a photographer in need, this story is not nearly as sad as the others I mentioned, but the thought of my family losing our photographer is sad for me, there are other photographers out there, but she is the one for us and I am sure her other clients feel just the same.  Christina Campbell from Eternal Treasures Photography has been robbed.  All the equipment that helped capture these happy families, beautiful smiles, and sweet kisses is now gone, but you can't steal talent so we are working together to help get all that equipment back. Thanks Kalli Pavon from  Kalimana Birth Stories for creating yet another wonderful film.

You can view part 1 of this story here. 

If you are interested in donating and/or signing up to join this event, you can do so here.