Christmas in Murfreesboro- Santa's not real!!!

As a parent of small children I love the occasional conversations about Santa, his elves, and of course the reindeer.  I love the twinkle in my kids eyes on Christmas morning when they see Santa has come.  I love that my son gives his elf (Flecco) a letter to send off to Santa and that excitement the next morning to see what Santa has wrote back.  So with all that imagination I dread the day he says Santa's not real, my friends at school said you are Santa, only babies believe in Santa.  I don't ever want that day to come, but I do have to remember that it will, but who says Santa does not exist?

Who is Santa?

Well I know who Santa is in my home and if I am correct Santa is the same in all homes.  As we tell our children, Santa works very hard all year long to get all the toys and gifts ready for all the kids on Christmas.  Santa is a very jolly soul who loves Christmas cookies and milk.  He lives in the North Pole and his home is filled with all sorts of Holiday decorations and plenty of Holiday cheer to go around and of course we can't forget those little elves that help get everything together.


So again, who is Santa?

Well Santa is all those people in your life that make up your family who work very hard all year long to give their children a wonderful Christmas.  They are the ones that spends a lot of time trying to find just the right gift that is perfect for their child. They decorate their homes in Holiday decorations to resemble Santa's home in the North Pole.  They bake those delicious cookies to share with their family and friends and to create lasting memories with their kids and the elves the people in your lives that make the holidays even more extraordinary. 


How about those families that can't afford Christmas, who is their Santa?

They are still Santa because the only thing that matters is that you have each other for the Holidays, the gifts are just the icing on the cake.  We as a community try our best to provide the icing on the cake because there should be no child left behind for the Holidays, every child deserves to have a smile on their face Christmas morning.  It is very hard for me to go and buy my kids all these crazy gifts they don't even need when in the back of my mind I am thinking about all those other kids that might wake up Christmas morning with nothing to open.  We as a community need to continue to work hard to keep the spirit of Christmas alive.  No child should ever have to doubt that Santa exists because he does. 


So one last time, who is Santa?

Santa it without a doubt 100% real, he exists within you and your community.  So when that day comes that your child says Santa is not real, remember this article and let the magic of Christmas continue on.  Bake those cookies, decorate the North Pole you call home, donate your time to help others, take them to buy a child a gift and show them they can be Santa too.  So always remember SANTA IS YOU!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family from one Santa to another.




Murfreesboro Photographer