Tis the season -Family Photographer, Murfreesboro TN-

Today we went on our annual trip to the Christmas Tree Farm, my husband complains every year about the price tag, however it is a good lesson to learn from a business stand point.  He said "look we could have just got that tree and saved $$ and then it clicked, perfect example of custom photography and chain photography.  Yes we could have easily picked up a tree from Kroger, Home Depot, or Walmart, yes we could have saved x amount of money, yes it still would have been a great tree, BUT I am paying for the experience.  You don't get the hot cocoa, especially hot cocoa served with a friendly smile and a Merry Christmas. You don't get a tractor ride around the property where you get to snuggle warm with your family and there just isn't that same Holiday feeling when just snagging a tree from the parking lot.  I value that family time and so I will spend the extra dollar and create an annual event out of it.  If you and your family would love to have the same experience you should check out Country Cove Tree Farm in Murfreesboro TN.  

Here are a few images of our experience