Halloween November 1st 2013?! -Murfreesboro Family Photography-

Here in TN, Halloween was a day late, however the kids didn't know any different.  So glad Mimi and Pa were here to visit, they were able to see the kids all dressed up in their costumes and Mimi went door to door with us, thankfully because we needed all the help we could get.  We started off with our little one a tad bit intimidated by all the costumes, a sweet boy even took his mask off and let Kason go ahead of him.  Kason was a hot mess from the start, now just imagine for a second a 2 year old with a bucket filling by the minute and refusing to let us carry it.  Let's just say we probably could have followed the trail of spilt candy to find our way back to the car.  There was even one time when the whole bucket spilled and a few nice girls stopped to help us pick them up and wished us a Happy Halloween, it's a rarity that you see young kids help out, so that was wonderful.  I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween, whether it be October 31st or November 1st.