The Digital Age -Murfreesboro Family photography-

Everything is so much easier now in the digital age.  Photography being one of those things on the top of the list.  I started out as a shoot and burner (hangs head in shame), and if you are a photographer you know exactly what that is.  I am not proud of it, but we all start somewhere.  Could you imagine before computers, if your photographer handed you your film and said have a great day?  We as photographers should be proud to have our images printed and if we are handing them over to our clients just on a disc then I feel we have done a disservice to them.  Life gets busy and we easily forget to do something as simple as print photos and before you know it, it's next year and you are starting the process over again.    

Technology is forever changing, just 20 years ago you saw VHS everywhere, then it was CD/DVD, now we are transitioning to flashdrives.  All that in just 20 years, if you wait to have your images printed from a disc just imagine what will happen in 10 years from now, will it be a challenge just to get those memories.  

You have worked so hard to learn photography, shooting until your arm falls off just to get it perfect in camera, go home and pull it up on your computer, edit for hours, hand a disc to your client and all that work you have done has a high chance of never getting displayed, serioulsy what was the point, all your hard work, for nothing.

As for your client, what a shame that their family photos sit on a disc.  The walls in your home are meant to display art and to me that is your family.  You have worked so hard to have your family, take care of your family, love your family, grow your family, all of that hard work should be displayed in your home.  Be proud and show your family off, don't just hire a photographer because they are going to give you a disc, pay the extra and let them create a gallery in your home for you, they are the expert on products that will help archive your photos for your family in the future, they have access to the best products available out there that you cannot get, they know visually what looks good (they are a photographer after all), and they know what products their images will looks best on.  

P.S. Your photographer MAY keep your images forever, but there are no guarantees